Friday, October 15, 2010

Trial (and error) for Daapo

I'm converting this sprung front end to a more conventional girder, while retaining the original look it has. Linkages, bearing, axles, correct challenge. And yes, I'll be testing my handiwork before the owner does. Computer is dead, so phone images for the moment.


gasoline said...

Hey mrFenton, hope all is well, saw your assgrabbing face in dice,still got it! Are you doing all the engines by your self as well. In that case I have a Triumph for you to sink your teeth into if you get to Sweden soon.Is there going to be a Brooklyn Inv. next year? Would be nice to check it out.If you or any of the Knights are coming to Sweden you allways have a place to stay,met Chopper Dave for this Documentery we´re doing about the Scandinavian scene and he seemed to love it. All the best Gustaf Stockholm.

Neil said...

Man, have not been to sweden for too long. Need to fix that.
Plans are underway for next year's event.
A few of the guys do go out to sweden for some art shows time to time. Let me find out.