Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Brown truck made some deliveries.

Scratch made oil tank. No cap or fittings yet. But it will have to have one. Argon gotten yesterday.

Mounts. Stainless front underneath mount for tank. Still deciding on shaping a little more but rubber mounted as is back mount. Will look stock (ish) but only when tank is off. Who cares when off? Maybe hi-lo switch on front mount. Maybe swing off top bar but there is a nice factory lug I'm using now. I'll listen to old boredoms really loud on coffee.

Blurry picture of draft for passenger pegs. For both bikes. Heavier gauge will be used. Similar to the old spoon style accessory.
New carbs, Used mags, Strong spark. One lucas, other bth. Megacycle cams. Another 750 kit. Blah blah, etc. Still waiting on another box or two for shell bearings and primary chains and other new stuff that seems to be taking the slow train. Like me.

I think this fender and I are separating. After Brad's gas and oil tank, I think this needs to be different.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009