Sunday, February 20, 2011

For Sale Hard Tail $800 With Seat Pan

I've changed my mind as I often do, so this rear section only is for sale. Wait, the seat comes with it. This will fit 1960-1970 triumph 650 frames. About 5" stretch. About 3" lower than stock. DOM 1" tubing, 120" thick. All TIG welded. Drilled plates for foot pegs, shoulder bolt ready for brake pedal. 3/4" slotted axle plates with tow threaded holes for lights or sissy bar or fender or whatever. Top mounts machined to resemble stock cast pieces. The sleeves on top rail are loose, they are to be welded into place for fender mounts. I will weld on a brake stay and axle adjusters if you like. This comes with seat pan that has matching mounts on the frame and is set up for springs as well.
ONLY the tail section is for sale. $800 plus shipping.

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