Thursday, January 21, 2010


A few last minute woopsies and need these. Like a stainless plate holder with 2 sets of holes in case Mr. Officer does not agree with that vertical plate. I hate spending time making fancy plate mounts, only need them to be legal. Sheesh. A few bits did not make the box to the powder coaters, so stepped brass risers and stainless headlight mounts were made. Offset the brake arm. Nothing too exciting. Lots of polishing too. The last bits for the gearbox and primary drive showed up so should be starting it any day. any day. any day. It's at the glasser.

Upside down and broken. My new-used sewing machine for leather. I welded up the cast arm that Fedex broke. Well, the seller packed it like a 4 year old would. Excited to learn to use this.
Someone wanted the kickback hub on my schwinn so badly that they cut out the spokes just to steal the hub. Came outside to my locked bike with the rim still locked minus the bendix. It was stuck in first gear anyway. Here's my attempt at thwarting this. If they get through, then they deserve it. I'll buy them a six pack too.
Thank you Hugh at 6th street specials for the calendar. Jeff at COC for xmas stickers.

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