Saturday, October 3, 2009

When Chief Two Beers and Jeffro show up and other stuff

Did not grab my camera in time to capture Chris taking the tire off as Josh was putting it on.
That tube got pinched. Yep.
Girlfriend Cynthia with my new helmet a few months back. Summer is over. Starting to get chilly in NYC.
Mollusk keeps NYC in the water. Or beers in hands, guys.
More Chris G here. Johnny hiding behind a beer.
Jeff and my wife Susan.
No explanation.
I hate those cups for lapping valves. Safety wire some hose to tip of valve and twisto.
6'5" 168 lbs of awesome in cowboy boots.

Food at the Brooklyn Bowl is tasty.
This is a few weeks back at the bowl bbq in honor of Andy Kessler. Tim and Undercover John bbq'ing. Tim was throwing all the veggie burgers over the fence.


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6"5" 168 that is just wrong, someone feed Jeffro...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tinker, good posts!